The Hideout is a first-class photography studio located in the heart of downtown Austin, TX, 10 minutes from the airport and next door to the new flagship Hilton Convention Center Hotel.

This historic landmark has hosted commercial photography shoots for some of the world’s most well-known companies. A lot of celebrities have haunted these halls, and more than a few ghosts. We think it’s because — in addition to having all the amenities and features you’d expect in a state-of-the-art studio — The Hideout is also a place where people are comfortable just hanging out.
Why “Hideout Studio?” When David was growing up in Houston, there was a large banana grove out behind his house. Among the densely packed bananas was a small gap, the beginning of a deep green tunnel that was just the right size for a kid to creep through. Back and back it went, until the narrow passage opened into a leafy green chamber. Inside his Hideout, David and his friends could peer back out at the world. Gain a different perspective. Focus in on what was really important. Laugh, play and dream.
The same is true for this new Hideout.
Come see for yourself.